Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Puppy!

My husband, Kyle, and I got ourselves a new puppy! A German Wired Hair Pointer. We bought him from Griffs Grassland Kennel in Sioux Falls, SD. He is just precious and so cute! He slept the whole way home in Kyle's lap. They are definitely going to be good buddies. Man's best friend, right!? 

We named the pup, MOZZY, after Mozzie from the TV Show, White Collar, on USA Network. It's one of the only shows Kyle and I can watch together and actually enjoy. Our Mozzy has a lot of spunk too. We are definitely learning a lot as being first time parents! This is hard work. Not going to lie, as I am writing this post, Kyle is corralling Mozzy and trying to keep him from chewing his shoes and all of our rugs. Even though Mozz decided he needed to poop in our house right as we got him home and then pee on our WHITE rug in the bathroom, I think we will keep him. 
Angel in the car sleeping on Kyle's leg

First Family Selfie