Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Girls Night: Fall Wreath

What is better than having a girls night and craft night? I met these fun girls playing basketball in city league last year. We put a team together with mutual friends and we officially met our first game of the season. We had so much fun together than we have continued to hang out at least once a month doing "gnome" parties. Where the girl that gets a lawn gnome put in their yard or "gnomed" is the host of the next gathering. For our most recent get together, we decided to each create a fall wreath for our doors.  Some did a burlap wire wreath following directions from a YouTube video and my friend, Ashleigh, and myself did a really wreath with creative embellishments.
It was such a fun idea and easy to do. I would definitely recommend it for an easy party to have with your girls friends. Like I said, what Is better than having a girls night and craft night?

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