Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Paddle Fishing as a Family

Kyle and I drew paddle fish tags this year.  Kyle loves fishing and I have very limited experience. Paddle fishing isn't normal fishing but rather "snagging." Snagging meaning you use a weight and a treble hook to try to snag the fish along any part of its body since a paddle fish doesn't really have teeth to bite bait like a normal fish would. 
Paddle fish season is very popular along the Missouri River where we live and the season goes from the whole month of October. In order to keep a paddle fish it must be <35" or >45" this way the population can stay up. 
Kyle spent a lot more time fishing but one saturdaybwe had some friends come watch our son so that I could partake in the experience. Casting and snagging is hard work! I definitely wasn't a pro but I had a lot of fun doing it! 
The last Tuesday we could fish we both snagged our fishes. Kyle got a nice fat 31" fish and I got a skinny 34" one. 
I couldn't hold my fish because it was still breathing and Kyle was not amused.  
Kyle with our keepers! 

Kyle with one of the many Paddle Fish he caught, but couldn't keep
Kyle Fishing 

Doing my best
Our friends, Brad and Sara, came to help so that Wade could watch (or sleep...)

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