Friday, November 6, 2015

Baby Knit Hat

We went to Minneapolis area this weekend to visit Kyle's family. The temperatures were forecasted in the 40s/50s so I knitted Wade a cute baby knit hat complete with Pom Pom on top. It took a couple trials to finally figure out the pattern I liked that would fit my baby's head, but I think I finally got one figured out and as Wade grows I can adjust my cast on length to adjust for his head diameter. I used a thick gauge yarn from Walmart and bigger needles. Of course if you have small needles and small gauge yarn-this pattern is not for you. 

Cast on 28
K2 P2 (4rows) 
Start stockinette stitch (K one row, P one row)
On knit row: Every 4th stitch K2 together 
Complete 6 rows
K, K, K2, K2, K2, K, K
K, K2, K2, K2, K 
Cast off
Use needle to stitch two sides together 
Make Pom for top

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