Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Decor DIY

My friend, Ashleigh Lingo, put together a little Christmas Decor DIY for us to enjoy! Ashleigh is so good at picking out cute projects on Pinterest and actually doing them exactly how they show you how to do it. I regularly creep on her boards and steal her recipes and crafts. This makes her the perfect choice for my first SSS guest blogger! 
All you need for this DIY is tree garland (special tip: buy more than you think!) a tomato cage, scissors, tape and inexpensive pot for the base. Christmas ornaments and lights optional. 
Pinch the top of the tomato cage together and tape in place so that you make a Christmas tree shape cone. Tape the tree garland to the top of your tree and begin wrapping around the perimeter. If you want, you can add some support by using pipe cleaners or zip ties in camouflaged spots to make sure your garland won't sag. Once you have wrapped all the way around, tape the garland in place at the base. Insert your tree in your decorative pot and viola! Perfect Christmas tree decor. You can even add lights or Christmas ornaments to give you front stoop even more curb appeal! 

Thanks for the great Project Ashleigh! 

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