Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mozzy is Two

Our fur baby turned two years old yesterday! We made him the Lichty Boy cake-Angel food with pistachio whip cream- because whip cream is Mozzy's favorite. 
Kyle made him a party hat to wear that shows Mozzy is now two. Seeing Mozzy in a paper hat makes me giggle! He doesn't want to wear it but he withstands it because he sees the cake in front of him and holds as still as a statue. 
Mozzy had done a lot of growing up this past year as he transitioned from being an only child to the dog that gets slightly ignored and not as many snuggles as he used to. We hope he overcomes his adversion to new people and his alpha dog syndrome but he has made major strides of calming down a bit this year. We love Mozzy and had fun celebrating his birthday together. 

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