Saturday, June 25, 2016


Yesterday, I had myself a little stay-cation. It was glorious! I usually have to use vacation days from work to have a long weekend for our trips to visit family or friends but yesterday I decided to treat myself and use one of my vacation days for me. 
I was really blessed to have my mom, dad and little sister in town to take care of Wade while I took care of myself. That was so sweet and wonderful of them.
First off, I slept in until 7:30am. Yes. That was refreshing. Kyle got me my favorite Panera bagel for breakfast and then we rushed off to our tee time to enjoy a round of golf together. I love golfing and haven't gotten to play for over a year and a half! Even though it wasn't my best round it was nice to get out and walk and drive the golf ball again. For the rest of the afternoon I spent in my sewing room cutting my Acreage Fabric by EB Makery for my upcoming blog tour post. Cannot wait to post a sneak preview soon! Finally, to cap off my stay-cation, Kyle and I traveled to Sioux City to watch Dierks Bentley and Randy Houser in concert. We had VIP tickets and got to go in early for an acoustic concert by Dierks before hand. He was literally <10ft away! Even though I wish I would have brought hearing protection for the actual concert since we were right by the speakers I had a blast with Kyle and it was our fist date night where we were out late enough where we didn't put Wade to sleep. We missed the little guy but had so much fun together

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