Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lake Shetek Weekend

My Husband’s family shares a lake cabin on Lake Shetek in South Eastern Minnesota. 
Megan with Mozzy Cuddling
We try to make it to the cabin at least once a summer and this year we created a master plan to maximize family time. Kyle’s Sister and her husband drove south from Duluth to Yankton to see our place and meet Mozzy so we were able to spend extra time with them. And then we road tripped to the cabin to see several Aunts, Uncles and Cousins all spending time at the Lake. 

In order to fully enjoy my time on the Lake, I purchased myself and my sister-in-law some “food” water floaties from UrbanOutfitters.com. We floated Lake Shetek in style in a Pretzel shaped floaty and a Sprikle Donut floaty. They were super comfortable and fun to use in the water. 

It was also our dog’s first time at the Lake and since he was apprehensive about getting in the water near our house when we go for runs; we weren't sure how he would do. Come to find out, he LOVES the water and we basically couldn't keep him out! We finally would put the bumper away because he kept wanting to play and we knew he had to be exhausted. Mozzy lost his collar and tags in the Lake on Friday but I found them with my foot randomly on Saturday while floating in the Pretzel. On Sunday, he was swimming again and the collar was lost for the second time. Must have been fate to end up at the bottom of Lake Shetek.

The weekend was so relaxing and everyone had a lot of fun. I am a huge fan of weekends where I have fun, get a tan and get to full relax. Thanks Lichty Family for the great weekend! 

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