Friday, August 29, 2014

YankTon Challenge

My workplace is participating a weight loss competition with other companies throughout Yankton. The weigh in is today and for the next 11 weeks the goal is for your work place to lose the most weight! I am going to work on eating healthier not only for the challenge but for the two big trips I have coming up--Los Angeles to visit my best friend and Daytona to meet up with my other best friend for some fun girl time on the beach! I have some goals in mind that I would like to try one of which includes limiting my caffeine and only having two morning lattes throughout the week. I am also going to keep my motivation up and continue to improve my fitness with workouts 5-6 times per week instead of my current 3-5. 

Since the challenge officially starts on Monday, September first I am going to do a 30 day beach body challenge (outlined below) posted by PopSugar Fitness. Here is to getting healthy and staying fit! Happy Fitness Friday!

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