Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding Post: Cream Cheese Wedding Mints

Who doesn't love wedding mints? I didn't until I tried the plain version. I am not a fan of mint flavor mixed with anything sweet. Chocolate covered mints from restaurants-gross. Maybe I'm weird. But my mom shared a wedding mint recipe with me that allowed you to flavor however you wanted so I set up shop to make wedding mints. A co-worker offered to help me and my mom also joined in to help finish the project. In total we made over 400 mints (guest list 150) and there was not a single one left! Okay, as the bride I snuck myself a special stash before to wedding to enjoy in case something like this happened and I didn't get to try them after the ceremony. We displayed them on my collection of cake pedestals for guests to munch while enjoying appetizers after the ceremony.  

The basic recipe is found below and you can add 1tsp flavor to the batch depending on how you want them to taste. I made plain, vanilla, orange, orange creamsicle, strawberry and strawberry cream. You have to get the hang of making mints but it is an easy rhythm to get into. Roll dough in small ball, dip in sugar, press in mold and push out onto wax paper to dry. Wedding mints are great because you can make them months in advance and put them in the freezer to save until you need them.

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