Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Onsies

My best friend,Tiara, had a baby!!! I am now officially Auntie LoLo! I wanted to give her a special gift and knew just the thing. DIY top stitched onsies. Since she was waiting to be surprised by the gender, I had to be make the onsies gender neutral... no tutus or tractors allowed. Instead, I used primary colors and Berenstain Bears printed fabric.

I purchased a 5 pack of 0-3 month onsies from Target. I pre-washed the onsies and the fabric that I was planning on using for the pieces. I used some scraps I had but also cut a few pieces from my bridesmaid dress that I wore as the Maid of Honor in Tiara's wedding. Pre-washing is important, especially if you are using more than one blend of fabric. That way all shrinkage takes place prior to completing your stitching.

Create a template for the designs you want to cut out on your fabric. Mine had hearts and state outlines of Minnesota and South Dakota. Pin your template pieces to your fabric and cut out. Then arrange your fabric shapes onto the front of the onsies. Use a whip stitch with colorful embroidery floss to attach your fabric pieces to the onsie. Make sure to have enough pins to keep your fabric pieces in place or else it makes it difficult to stitch. If you have a loom that would be ideal.

Love you Tiara! Can't wait to see the little one in these outfits! So much love was put in them!

This one is my favorite! It is South Dakota, in green dress satin with a heart over Rapid City, where Tiara is from (and where her and her husband met).

Minnesota to represent where the couple live

Hardrocker colored hearts!

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