Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy November!

It's November first. October was a blur. I flew over 9,000 miles going to the east and west coast for business and for pleasure. I started a Halloween costume but ran out of time and decided to enjoy handing out candy to the little mankind in the neighborhood rather than worry about that sort of thing.  But now that it is November, it is time to get back in the workout mode, time to flip the clocks forward, time eat pumpkin pie and time to get in the Christmas spirit.

Today, we deep cleaned the house, raked up leaves and cleaned the garage. Well Kyle did the lawn and garage but I cleaned the house so it's good. We also took our little Mozzy out for a long 4 mile hike on the horse trails by the Lake. It was a beautiful start to the day and makes me anticipate this month so much. I have a list of things I want to accomplish this month and can't wait to share some of the recipes and Christmas crafts I have planned.

So many great things are happening in Novemeber too! My best friend is having a baby this month and I am so excited for her! I made her a baby quilt and some DIY onesies. Kyle and I will celebrate our fourteener (one year 2 month anniversary) as well this month. Our favorite show, White Collar, returns to USA and one of Kyle's least favorite, Scandal, comes to a dramatic end. Oh we are going to shape up our bills by cutting cable and canceling unused credit cards.

It's time to get festive and light the world up with joy!

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