Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trip to Connecticut

Before the weather took a turn for the worse, I had a work trip scheduled to visit a supplier out in Connecticut. I have never been up in the North Eastern part of the United States. I was so pleased to schedule the trip right in the heart of Fall so that I could experience the Autumn colors. My dad instilled in me the love for this type of beauty and I know it has always been his dream to go to the East Coast and experience this wonder. Even though my dad couldn't visit Connecticut with me, I hope to one day travel with him, my mom and my husband and enjoy these painted hues again.

The visit took place in Milford, which happens to be right on the Atlantic Ocean Coast. You can see the hazy outline of Long Island from the beach there. I loved seeing the signs as I was driving on the interstates that said NY City 90 miles. NYC is on my life bucket list of places to visit, and I was please to know I was so close and it is possible to get there one day. I also was a mere 3 hours from Boston and a hop, skip and jump from elite vacation spots like The Hamptons and Nantucket. 

I also took a little walk about on Yale's campus. I had to experience the prestige of an Ivy League school. It was so beautiful and this is dorky, but reminded me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. It was interesting to find out that they randomly place you in special colleges and that is your identity for your duration at school. 

Another cool experience, was Dunkin Donuts. That coffee chain was everywhere! And their donuts were decent. Nothing compares to Pierre's Donut Shop, but it was tasty none-the-less. Also, a great pick me up after a day of meetings and trip to the beach. 

The trip was so fun and I can't wait to go back for more pleasure rather than just business. 

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