Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Resolution Recap

Do you make a New Year's Resolution List? I do! It is fun to look back at your list and see all of the things you accomplished and to recognize the items you need to keep working on. I am sharing my resolution list from this past year! 

New Year’s Resolutions
©  start a devotion group and read the bible more-tried to get a bible study going so that one is staying on the list for next year. I am however in a few bible studies thru church so I feel fulfilled. God is happy as long as we always try.  The bible app has been really helpful to keep reading God's word anywhere at anytime. 
©  become a more beautiful person on the inside
©  respect Kyle and be the best wife ever
©  learn how to quilt/make one or more- below is a pic of my first ever quilt. I made it using the fabric from my wedding. It turned out great! I made a baby quilt and now am working on another one for our living room. 
©  start a workout journal to get focused- I had some good months and some bad months this year. It's definitely a balance with all things on life! 
©  send thank you and birthday cards more consistently
©  keep better record of mail , bills and files better
©  make one new food item a weeksoup per week--nope!! Found a cole good soup recipes tho 
©  host a house or dinner party- Kyle and I held a Chopped Party and it was very successful. 
©  drink less diet coke/soda and more water - went 10 days in a row without diet coke! Still working on quitting- keeping this one on the list for 2015
©  start taking vitamins- I bought a bottle of multivitamins in January AND still have a pretty full bottle 
©  stop tanninglook younger- I have been a full year without tanning! I might be white but I look younger already 
©  read books more often-Audiobooks count right? 

Enjoy the last day of 2014! See you next year!
Loryn Lichty

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