Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Cookies

Have you ever been apart of a Christmas Cookie Exchange? I participated in my first one this year and it is such a great idea! The steps behind the Christmas Cookie Exchange are simple:
  1. Ask your friends to participate (and everyone will want to!)
  2.  Decide the number of cookies you will make to share i.e. we had 5 people so we made 2 dozen each of 2 different kinds of cookies--that way each person got to take home 6 of each variety
  3.  Get together and exchange! Each person will go home with a variety of cookies on their tray to have at their next Christmas Party. 

It's a great idea for next year, so don't forget to add it to your Christmas List that I know you have started for next year with all of the things you didn't get done for this year's holiday. 

These are the cookies I made--French Almond Macaroons and M&M Cookies

This is the tray full of cookies I came home with! As you can see, the Cookie Exchange is not just limited to cookies! 

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