Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Christmas Time!!

One week until Christmas! The Lichty house has been busy preparing for Christmas and I've finally had sometime to post  on the blog! Kyle and I have a 4 foot artificial tree that we have been putting up for years nit definitely does the trick but it is pretty dinky and makes the pile of presents for family and friends look huge  we had to rearrange out furniture to find a fitting spot to display our Christmas decorations and we really like the furniture's new locations. I have these pretty red bulbs and red snowflakes from IKEA hanging from the tree along with special ornaments from Kyle's childhood. We got our stockings from Pottery Barn last year and this year we added a stocking for Mozz. I think he can already tell it is his Stocking because we have already hidden a toy in there for him. 

 I can't wait to be a Christmas card family. But for now, I proudly display other families up on our card display. I made the JOY wood sign out of wood slices from our wedding, red floss and nails and strung jute back and forth to hang the postcards on. Look and my beautiful family at the bottom! Those Schuetzle's!!

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