Friday, September 4, 2015

Baby Recliner

Everyone needs a rocking chair for their newborn. Whether it's a wood one or an heirloom or a nice lazy boy it's a necessity to rock your baby to sleep AND keep comfortable. We looked at a couple local furniture stores and just couldn't find the right one for us we also checked out IKEA to find something but there was just nothing that screamed pick me. While we are in the cities we made a quick run to the Maplegrove Pottery Barn kids and found the perfect recliner.

Who's delivered a few weeks ago and we decided that we wanted to put it in our living room rather than in the baby's nursery since we've noticed that a lot of new parents spend more time in the living room that in the nursery itself for the first few months at least.

The recliner is a little lighter than expected so we've thrown a quilt over it so that it doesn't get stains or worn out before the baby arrives. We love it and it is very comfortable and so does our dog, Mozzy. He much rather late in the recliner and then on the big sectional that we have in the living room. I feel he only likes it because we tell him you can't be on it and he knows we didn't buy it for him. He is such a plush pup. Already showing signs of jealousy will see how this baby thing goes.

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