Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wade Benjamin Lichty

After baking a baby for 38 weeks, our son is here! Wade Benjamin Lichty is a perfect precious little boy! Wade decided to join our family a little early, but we couldn't be happier. He is healthy and happy and such a good baby. Mom instincts kicked in immediately and I fell completely in love with this little human being.

The Deets: 

Name: Wade Benjamin Lichty (Wade after Kyle's grandfather and my dad's middle name; Benjamin because it sounded good and we just made the decision between contractions)
Born: 9-1-15 at 1711
Day of the Week: Born on a Tuesday
Weight: 7lbs 13.5oz
Length: 20.25"
Days Early/Late: Wade was born 10 days early (my due date was 9-11-15)
Contraction Signs: Rained all weekend, Full moon Monday night, went on a walk the night before, had BHC while watching SYTYCD monday evening
Bags Packed: Bags were packed the night before thankfully!
Labor Started: My water broke at 0300 and after a quick snack we headed to the hospital.
Hours Labor: With help from Pitocin, I was in labor for about 7 hours
Pain Management: Epidural (Pit is the Pits)
Pushed: One hour
First Feature(s) Noticed: Wade had some chubby little fingers and toes, lots of hair AND he looked exactly like Kyle
First Visitors: NaNa and BaPa
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Lots of Brown Hair
Fingers/Toes: Perfect little piggies, all twenty accounted for
Made it Home: 9-3-15 1235

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