Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chopped Party!

My husband and I love watching cooking shows together , especially cooking shows like Top Chef on Bravo and Chopped on Food Network. We brainstormed an idea for a dinner party that resembles the Chopped challenge. We chose four mystery ingredients and assembled them in a brown paper bag or what we called the "mystery basket" and delivered these to our friend's places the night before with strict instructions not to open until 6pm. Our participant guests would have one hour to cook a main course using the mystery ingredients as well as anything they could find in their own pantry (kitchen). Then they needed to be at our house by 7:15ish for the judging. My husband and I along with another friend provided drinks, dips and desserts--the essential triple "D's" at any party. We knew the idea was fun and would be fun but we thought the execution might not be up to par but we were so impressed with what our guests came up with! The mystery ingredients were Chicken Drumsticks, Carrots, Dijon Mustard and Salt and Vinegar Chips.  We asked each couple to explain their dish and how they used the ingredients and then we dug in and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. At the end of the evening the three judges gathered together to determine the winner. It of course was a close call but it came down to creativity. All dishes were amazing and yummy. The salt and vinegar chips were supposedly the hardest to incorporate in the dish. 

Top: Sweet and Sour Chicken; Middle: Fried Chicken Crisps with Crispy Skin and Carrot Puree; Bottom: Friend Salt&Vinegar Drumsticks with Rice. The nights winners created the middle dish. The crispy chicken with carrot puree dipping sauce. 

What would you have made using the above mystery ingredients? 

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