Saturday, April 5, 2014

Instagram Frame

I printed a bunch of Instagram photos from our wedding in September. We used the hashtag #lorynpluskyle. I didn't have a way to display them since 4"x4" frames are hard to come by.  I saw this idea a few times on Pinterest and I thought I would try my hand at this crafty project. I used a rustic wooden frame that I used during the wedding and some leftover burlap fabric and twine. 
Materials: Wooden frame, foam support board, burlap, twine, duct tape, scissors, hot glue gone. 

Step 1: Stretch burlap to fit the foam support board. Fold the corners over and duct tape the burlap into place. 

Step 1
Step 2: Cut twine to the correct frame width and hot glue the twine into place. I was able to make four rows of twine to hold the pictures. Place a small drop of hot glue on one side and attach one end of the twine. Drape string across the width of the frame and hot glue the other side of the twine approximately across from the other side. 

Step 3: Fit the burlap covered foam board into place. Apply hot glue to the corners and along the side and place the board directly into the frame. I started on the top and worked my ways to the sides and finally the bottom so that the glue didn't cool before I got there. Make sure that the board is straight in the frame. 
Step 2

The end product turned out really cute. I have it hanging up in my craft room displaying all of my wedding instagram photos. I absolutely love it and get complements on it frequently. It is really easy to do and does not take a long time at all! The best part is you can apply it to any size frame or with any size photos.

Make sure to buy some cute pins to hang the pictures on twine--finishing touches are always a must. 

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