Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bunny Ears

To celebrate Easter and kick off my obsession with costuming, I decided to make Mozzy, our 3 month old puppy, some Easter Bunny Ears.  He loves the color pink for some reason so I had to make him Pink Easter Bunny Ears. They are made of felt and a scrunchie gingham pink head band that I was able to whip up from my first sewing lessons in the 90’s. It is a fun way to help your doggie become an Easter Bunny in Training too!

Material Needed:
·         Felt—2 different colors
·         Fabric—coordinating for the scrunchie
·         Elastic Band—1/2” wide
·         Paper for the patter, scissors, thread, sewing machine, pins and safety pin.

1.       Decide on bunny ear pattern. Click here for a PDF of what I used.
2.      Fold felt in half and apply pattern to cut. Repeat this as you will want 2 ears. The double felt makes the ears thicker and sturdier.
3.      Cut out inside ear patter to yield 2.
4.      Measure around puppy model’s head. I ended up with an 8” long piece.
5.      Cut scrunchie fabric twice as long as the elastic band you measured.
6.      Sew fabric pretty sides together leaving both ends open. You will need to flip this so that the seams are on the inside. Use a safety pin.
7.      Attach safety pin to one end of elastic and thread through the fabric “scrunching”  the fabric up.
8.     Sew the elastic together several times for a firm hold.
9.      Sew the open ends together so that the elastic doesn’t show.
10.  Sew around the perimeter of the ears and then sew the inside ear onto this piece.
11.   Pin the ears together and sew them at the bottom to attach them.
12.  Pin the ears to the scrunchie at the seam to complete the bunny ears!

Happy Easter!

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