Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flying Solo

Kyle is gone this week (and a over the next few weeks) for work and that leaves me alone with the Mozzster. Adjusting to having a puppy has been difficult. It is a lack of sleep during the potty training phase-- does that ever end? We can't keep the floors clean, we spend a few hours cleaning on Sunday and within a half hour of letting him out of his kennel, the floors were a wreck. I want a running partner so taking Mozzy out for a walk/run will only get better right? No, he is actually a pretty good puppy.
However, this is his first time without Kyle his bestie and first time in the kennel all day with only one break at lunch when I am able to come home. Today we had our first explosive diarrhea incident in the kennel.... awful. Is this real life!? But in the end it is all worth it--I guess that is love--cleaning up your puppy's poop no matter what. How can you not love Mozzy's little face?

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