Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I am obsessed with making cupcakes and am inspired by the simplicity of Sprinkles cupcakes. Sprinkles first opened their oven to our hearts in Beverly Hills. They coined the terminology of the first Cupcake Boutique Store. They have a variety of options and the options in their case changes daily. What is great about Sprinkles, is that they just have their own signature frosted look and it is modern and chic.

 You can bring the Sprinkles bakery to your own home by purchasing a Sprinkles cupcake mix. They come in red velvet, dark chocolate, vanilla, lemon, banana, pumpkin, spice and chocolate peppermint and make 12 cupcakes per mix. The kit comes with instructions on how to mix and bake just like your typical store bought mix. It also includes the signature Sprinkles Modern Dot to adorn on the top of your cupcakes. 

I chose to mix up the vanilla cupcake mix but I added a little flavor by adding a fresh homemade strawberry puree. That way I could take advantage of some of the local produce in town. I frosted using a vanilla butter cream frosting and covered with fondant to give it a smooth texture. They turned out really cute and delicious. My co-workers enjoyed them! But, they always enjoy my delectable creations!

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  1. Those look so good! I got one of these kits in a Darby Smart box. My kit is in Red Velvet and I can't wait to make them - I just have to wait for all of my stuff to get unpacked!