Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bridesmaids=best friends

My bridesmaids were the greatest. I had my little sister as my maid of honor, my brother's fiance (now wife) and Kyle's sister. I also had my three best friends travel in from California, North Carolina and Northern Minnesota to help me say my vows. They all obliged to wear orange bridesmaid dresses from JCrew that they never have to feel obligated to wear again and better yet they all were so helpful and beautiful.

To kick off the wedding week of festivities two of my girls helped me decorate over 200 cupcakes and box them up all pretty. When my sister got home from college Thursday night,  we had an impromtu bridal party, including a scavenger hunt and Zumba on Friday. It was a nice combination of a bachelorette party and a bridal shower. We made bedazzled t-shirts to wear for our Zumba class and then we went on a scavener hunt while listening to Queen Beyonce.

I asked all of my girls to wear flannels and leggings to get ready in on Saturday. I thought it fit the theme and I wanted everyone to be comfortable in case it got cold. It was a cute and casual choice and I thought everyone loved the simplicity of it--each girl was able to style it their own way while we still had a theme going.

My hair stylist and friend, Schelby, made the trip from Yankton to help do all of our hair. She made getting ready fun and everyone's hair looked so JCrew, just how I wanted it. I love Schelby and was so thankful she helped out. She is a great stylist at Xtreme Salon and Spa (shameless plug!)

The day flew by and I couldn't have asked for anything more from my girl friends. We will be friends and sisters forever! Check out our beautiful photos, shot by Shalista

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