Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mr. & Mrs.

Kyle and I are just about to hit our one year anniversary mark on September 21st. We both worked so hard to prepare for our wedding completing several crafts together but one of my favorite was our individual bride and groom favors. We each made a special gift to share with our  guests showcasing our favorite hobby. Kyle's being brewing beer and mine being baking.

 Kyle started brewing beer in college with his chemical engineering buddies. I'm sure it had something to do with how it reminds them of applying class methods to home hobbies. He started out buying kits from  Northern Brewer and has since graduated to purchasing grains and yeast separately to mimic his favorite favors using recipes on line. For our wedding, he brewed a a few batches of his favorite American IPA to bottle up to pass out as wedding favors at the end of the reception. He probably would have been fine leaving them plain jane on the table but I wanted to give them some personality so we purchased "Kyle+Loryn" bottle labels from Coast2CoastDesigns on Etsy. We labeled half of the bottles with the South Dakota outline for me and half with the Minnesota outline for where he is from. They were we'll received and quite delicious too.

I made cupcakes (of course). We placed one cupcake in individual cupcake boxes we found on I made all of the cupcakes prior to leaving for Pierre a few days prior to our I do's. A few of my bridesmaids came up early as well and helped me frost and assemble the boxes. We had quite the assembly line going and were geeking out on industrial engineering methods and standards principles. We sprinkled each cupcake with orange sprinkles and tied bows around each box. We displayed these after the ceremony and guests were able to grab as many as they wanted as to snack on whenever they pleased.

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