Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fitness Friday!

I'm on a roll and I hope you are too! I'm halfway to my goal of #100by1yr earning 20 miles so far this week as well as eating clean! I have been walking 2 miles during my lunch break around the half mile path at work. Since the weather has been gorgeous lately I don't have an excuse to not get those easy miles in.  Also this week I have been setting my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier to start training my body to wake up and move again in the. Ironing. So far I have just been able to do some stretching and morning yoga flows, but soon I'll be ready to wake up and hit the gym hard before work. This is one of my goals this fall-start working out in the morning. You are just so much more productive through the day and if you get your workout in right away you can't make an excuse later.  Even if you do just a little do something!

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