Sunday, December 25, 2016


Celebrating Christmas in Pierre this year! We are having a great time together-it's just so joyful! Jesus was born to be our Savior let us Glorify His name!

And other reasons we celebrate-Family 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

We visited the pumpkin patch in Parkston this weekend. It's such a cute little set up right off the highway. They had the cutest options and we ended up with some unique finds 

Wade enjoyed pumpkin shopping but mostly liked the pumpkin patch props they had set up throughout the field. 

Our little pumping patch excursion made me realize I didn't post anything about my pumpkin patch block from Farmgirl Vintage. I used the 6" block to make a simple zipper bag to carry around my wallet, keys, snacks and diapers. I love these small zipper bags that I can switch up each season. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Golden Birthday Party

Wade turned one! It was his Golden Birthday so we had to make this one extra special! We went with an Olympic party theme with red, white and blue to go with his Gold medal smash cake! 

I enlisted my mom to help me plan and execute the party. She made be adorable chocolate chip cookies filled with frosting.   She put them in a clear bag and tied them with a ribbon and made it look like a gold medal. She brought all of her red white and blue longaberger baskets and balling a to fill with helium. 

I made a cupcake torches just topped with red flames, A gold medal smash cake and a Golden set of Olympic Rings to string my favorite pictures of Wade. 

It was great to have both sides of the family there and I think Wade really enjoyed digging in and eating some chocolate cake. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Acreage Quilt

Today is the day I finally get to post my final project using the Acreage Collection. YAY! So, you've probably seen some of my progress posts on my Acreage Quilt, but if you haven't, you can see them here and here.
When I first saw the Acreage Collection while browsing the Moda Fabrics website, I instantly became obsessed. I loved this collection, the colors are so vibrant and the bike prints are so stinking cute. Shannon Orr, the talented designer slash maker, asked her Instagram followers to participate in a blog tour I thought my chances were a long shot. One, my blog is not followed by an insane amount of people and two, I consider myself an amateur quilter. So when she included in the tour, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Shannon sent each participate a large box of "scraps", but we aren't talking measly scraps we are talking decent size cuts of fabrics! 
After folding, organizing, re-folding and dreaming long and hard about what I should make, I was finally inspired by a pattern (Shimmer by Cluck Cluck Sew) sent in my monthly Sew Sampler Subscription Box. (Yes, a Bark Box for quilting enthusiasts) I started prepping my fabric pieces right away and let me tell you, I spent any spare moment I had measuring, cutting and organizing pieces for my blocks.  Late nights after my baby fell asleep and lunch breaks in my office behind a closed door were prime prepping time! 

I will be the first to tell you, that I struggled making some of the blocks and they definitely are  not perfect. Some, okay most, of my corners were slightly off and I would never take a picture of the back of any of the blocks, but I loved how each one turned out!  This fabric is so cohesive and the colors are vibrant! So even though I wasn't perfect, this fabric collection makes it easy to make a good looking quilt. 

Between my busy work schedule in August and planning my son's golden birthday party, I chose to send it off to be quilted by my favorite local quilt shop in Pierre, The Quilt Locker. They did a great job quilting it and I was pleased with the results! I added my scrappy 2" binding and quickly whip stitched it and have  been cuddling with it sense. 

 I cannot wait to get my hands on more of this beautiful fabric from Shannon's Acreage Collection. I already have another quilt in mind- it might have to be on my 2017 list beings it is basically Fall, but I'm still obsessed over these Pineapple Blocks similar to the Mini-Quilt version I made at the beginning of the summer. The Acreage yellows are PERFECT for a traditional version of this trendy block. But you can use pretty much any of the fabrics to get creative, cause who doesn't want a pink or orange pineapple too?! I used 2" squares to make these 6.5"x11" pineapple blocks. Probably 16-20 of these little guys could make a fun quilt for my couch.  

Don't forget to continue to follow the Blog Tour and show some Moda Love to the below maker's too to see what they have been up to! I am anxiously awaiting the chance to purchase more of this fabric for my stash not only because it is beautiful but because it will always have a good memory behind it! Then anytime I use a piece of the Acreage Collection, I can reminisce on this wonderful experience on the tour making my Acreage Quilt.

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Acreage Collection by Shannon Gillman Orr for Moda Fabrics
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

12 months old!

It was fun to finally put together all twelve months of photos that we took on each monthly birthday! Each month I set him on a quilt or blanket and made him a hex for his onsie from our wedding fabric (B&C's Happy Go Lucky) Happy birthday to my little guy! I love being your mom! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Golden Birthday

Wade is officially a "Golden Birthday Boy", he is now one year old. It is true what they say, "It goes so fast." It seems like only yesterday we were waking up in the middle of the night to nurse, practicing tummy time, rocking back in forth in anticipation to crawl and practicing our balance together before the first big steps.
It makes me sad to think Wade is one already but happy at the same time. We kept him alive for a whole year! What an accomplishment as a parent. There were some days where Kyle and I just looked at each other in disbelief that all of this was happening, praying someone would take care of us again especially when Wade was sick and we caught the same bug. But through it all, we survived. And now we have a wonderfully spunky little boy that has 8 teeth, walks around, explores, learns, says dadda and mama and smiles continuously.
I love him more than anything and already gave my husband permission to save Wade's life over mine any day of the week. I have dreams for this little boy to be a great man of God, sharing his word and inviting friends to know Jesus. I dream of Wade playing to trombone or being on the swim team with long arms and strong shoulders. We want him to go to School of Mines to be an Engineer, probably electrical knowing his fascination with cords. BUT whatever he decides to do will be great and I will be there to cheer him on no matter what. 
Happy Golden Birthday Wade!