Thursday, April 2, 2015

Door Hanging Craft

Women's ministry at my church did another really fun craft event for the Spring. We painted and built these cute door hangers for our front doors. I love mine! I needed to replace my ribbon wreath that was looking oh so sad and still hanging from Christmas. This hanging spruces up our front entrance and screams "WARM WEATHER!"
We started off with our raw wood pieces. Gave each piece a quick sand and drilled holes in each corner so that we could sting them together at the end. 

Each piece got painted and embellished using spring time pastels and colors. 

We gave each painted piece a rough sand and dipped them in stain quick and wiped off. This gave our hanging pieces a little life.

Caption your hanging to your pleasing--in my case--I wrote "Welcome to the Lichty's"

Using wire and wire cutters connect your hanging together. This part was honestly the most difficult! 

Hang on your door and wait for compliments to come your way!