Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

2013! New year New Resolutions New Adventures! I found a copy of my 2012 resolutions and wanted to share them. No I didn't' accomplish them all but I thought I did pretty decent!

  1. have an adventure--Totally went to Seattle to visit a friend. We went hiking, Public Market and to the Space Needle. It was a blast and great experience! Didn't rain once--
  2.  meet a celebrity--Unless you count my brother "Steven Luke." I did not meet a celebrity. And technically, I already knew "Steven Luke."
  3.  run a ½ marathon--Did it! Minneapolis Half Marathon. Met my under 2.5 hour and DON'T WALK goals!
  4.  go gluten free for one month--I shortened this resolution to one week. I felt really great. Gluten free really does make you feel good. 
  5.  take a baking class--Passed the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 and Tier Cake classes. I went on to make a beautiful wedding cake for my friend's wedding. I was the MOH too, NBD. 
  6.  get a passport--Application is printed... but the move with a new address delayed it... NEXT YEAR. Who knows--honeymoon might be out of state so I better get one!
  7.  start a blog--You are reading it! Did a few practice posts with cakes and treats but haven't posted any of those...yet...
  8.  be more supportive of family--I went to support the older bro at his film festival in SF. and moved back to SD to be able to participate in more family activities :)