Sunday, March 3, 2013

Los Angeles Birthday

For my 24th birthday (also my golden birthday), Kyle surprised me with tickets to visit my best friend, Emma and her boyfriend, in Los Angeles. I was thrilled! I love LA and Emma is such a fabulous host. It is always fun to visit her and experience things that you would never find in the prairies of South Dakota.

I had a wish list of things that I wanted to do and see while there—

First, I am obsessed with Cupcakes. I love Sprinkles Cupcakes, the first Cupcake Bakery in the United States, and it started in LA.
Outside Sprinkles Cupcakes at The Grove in LA

Second, I wanted to see a celebrity. I didn’t think this would be too hard, since the Oscar’s were in town the same weekend. We enjoyed watching the Oscar's from Emma's apartment which was less than 5 miles away from the location the Oscar's took place. However, on Saturday night, we went to the Comedy Store in Hollywood. Daniel Tosh, from Comedy Central's: Tosh.0; made a surprise stop and it made our night complete. It was so much fun to laugh at these comedians jokes. 

Third, I wanted to go to the beach and enjoy being a California girl for a weekend. We went to Venice Beach on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and we saw performers, artists, dancers and muscle men. I also got to check "Run along the beach" off my Bucket List. 

Kyle and I enjoying the beach

A little jog along the beach, and Yes, we are racing
Fourth, Kyle and I love  to eat, so we wanted to experience some LA cuisines and LA did not let us down!
Macaroons, Coffee, Key Lime Pie,
Lark Cupcakes and Sprinkles Cupcakes
Egg Slut Breakfast sandwiches

Sushi Roll from Tenno
French Toast from Local

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