Monday, June 16, 2014

Cake Pops!

I love making cake pops. They are so cute and fun to eat. Many people haven't been exposed to them so they are always a hit at any occasion. I recently made some Carrot Cake cupcakes and used the leftover cupcakes to make cake pops as an extra bonus for my friend's wedding day. 
Cake Pops by Bakerella is the Cake Popper's bible. It has the tips, tricks and ideas that you will need to make the perfect pop. My skill level is pretty basic and no where near Bakerella's but I wanted to share what I do to encourage others to try something new. 

To start off, you need to bake a cake. Any mix or homemade cake will do. I typically take leftover cupcakes (not frosted) and put them in a food processor to break them down. Take the cake crumbs out of the processor and place in a mixing bowl and add small amounts of frosting until when mixed you get a moldable "play doe" consistency. Form small round balls. I make my cake balls 1.0 oz each. Place the cake balls on a pan covered in wax paper. Place this pan in the freezer for 15 minutes for the cakes balls to set up.

In the meantime, prep your melting chocolate. You can purchase melting chocolate in any color or you can color your chocolate after it is melted using an oil based food color (I use Wilton coloring). Melt the chocolate in a deep dish so that you can dip your pops easily.

Dip the sucker stick in the chocolate and then insert in the cold cake ball. Dip the cake ball in the chocolate and make sure it is entirely covered and spin to remove excess. Set the cake pop up right in a foam block to ensure that it dries properly. Keep the cake balls chilled until ready to eat-- which is harder than you think!

Below is a step by step picture from Bakerella's book, "Cake Pops" which is really helpful in explaining the process.

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