Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pineapple Mini Quilt-Finished!

Got my mini pineapple quilt done! The finished block measures 16.5"x10.75". I used a jelly roll strip plus a cut from a fat quarter to bind the quilt with this purple contrast fabric. I am still working at perfecting my binding technique but I think I get better every time. I learned a lot from this quilt in terms of seam allowances when making half square triangles. Next time, I'll either use a one to one mini charm ratio when making yellow or green corners and have a little waste or cut the corners to be 3" so the finished square is 2.5". Since I didn't do that this block, I had to square up my rowa more often than I would have liked and therefore it is a bit smaller finished. But that's what I like about quilting- always learning something to take to the next project! 
 This pineapple pattern is so delicious I want to use it to create a lap size quilt or larger to cuddle with this winter. 

I tried to get Wade to model my finished mini quilt that is just his size but he wasn't super cooperative-so many other things to explore! 

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