Saturday, November 17, 2012

He Proposed!

Kyle said I would be surprised. Thursday, November 15th my boyfriend gave me the perfect surprise and finally asked me to marry him! He told me it was on the radar every time we talked about why it was taking so long but in random conversations throughout the past few months he led me to believe he wasn't even looking or thinking about marriage yet. 

Normal routine since being in South Dakota with Kyle has been to try and workout right away after work. I absolutely love working out (stress reliever) and hate skipping any workouts. I had a busy Thursday all planned out--hair appointment right after work, wash my car, workout, eat supper (mushroom risotto) and finally head to a friend's house to meet their new puppy. It seemed a bit odd that Kyle was so concerned about my after work schedule of going to the salon and he said he wouldn't be able to wash my car right away because he had some work he needed to finish ASAP. He had just been to a plant in Iowa working with contractors for the afternoon so I wasn't sure what was demanding so much of his time but I went straight to his place to pick him up prior to the gym. 

Kyle was in his home office in his gym clothes working on ACAD and I asked if he was ready to go. He said to go grab his shoes in his room and then we could hit the road. I went to his room and his shoes were on the bed and as I got closer there was a ring box with a gorgeous ring right there! I was speechless. Finally, I yelled his name and he was right behind me and grabbed the box with the biggest smile ever. He asked if he should get down on one knee and of course right? Is that even a question? He asked those famous four words "Will you marry me" and because he was so nervous he asked which finger the ring went on! How adorable! I was just so thrilled and overflowing with joy. We ended up dressing up and heading to dinner at RED Steakhouse in Vermillion to celebrate together. Such a lovely dinner and it was so great telling our families and friends via phone and text about the good news. 

So many memorable moments but I think I am going to bullet some highlights 
  • Kyle asking silly questions, "Should I get on one knee?" and "What finger does it go on?"
  • Telling my dad over the phone on that Kyle asked me to marry him and Dad saying "ya." So I had to ask if he heard what I said. After the second time hearing the news he was pumped!
  • Congratulating mom on keeping such a good secret-she totally had me going that this was nowhere in the future. 
  • Having Kyle's mom ask if I was going to keep my last name or change it. If I didn't like Kyle's last name, I wouldn't have dated him for so long!
  • Having my best friend call me right after a pre-screen of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II and congratulate us.
  • Coining the terms "FH" and "FW" for Future Hubby and Future Wifey instead of "Fiance."
  • Changing our Facebook status together. I changed mine first and then we switched accounts so Kyle could accept. 
  • Watching "Likes" and Comments roll in one right after the other and feeling so loved.

He liked it so he finally put a ring on it!

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