Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Back in South Dakota

I just moved back to South Dakota. Back to plain and simple life. A lifestyle only a certain breed can handle. I traded the beautiful tree landscapes and abundant lakes in Minnesota for the grassy plains. It was a trade well worth it.

Kyle and I moving to Yankton
I enjoyed my 15 month stint in Minneapolis, MN.  I worked at the Target Distribution Center as a Group Leader for the Engineering and Facilities department. I loved my team and we got stuff done. I couldn't ask for a better first job right out of college. Even though my job was great and I was doing well there, I eventually became lonely being so far from family and friends. My boyfriend, originally from the Twin Cities area lives and works in the Yankton area as an engineer and after doing long distance (successfully) it just became harder to say goodbye. So, we made the decision together that it was time to live closer together and commit to be together by next May. I was blessed to stumble upon an Engineering position at a manufacturing company, Vishay in Yankton. How could I pass up an opportunity to move back to my home state and within blocks from my boyfriend? So I left my job and am now living blissfully in Yankton, South Dakota.

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