Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bountiful Broccoli Harvest

We harvested a bunch of broccoli from our garden. The best time to harvest broccoli is in the morning while the soil is still cool. Also, harvest the veggie while the bud is still firm and before it flowers--I made this mistake on my first harvest and lost a few heads in the process to the yellow flowers that make the broccoli almost inedible.

Since I love broccoli and it was so organic our of our garden, I wanted to use it all. I made a delicious salad using Paula Deen's recipe off Food Network. It was delicious for something I've never made before. I also used some of the broccoli in some veggie skewers on our Egg Charcoal Grill. They were perfect veggie sides for the summer and everyone loved them.

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