Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kat's Cheesecake

My little sissy was here to visit and we decided to make a cheesecake for dessert. We call this cheesecake recipe, "Kat's Cheesecake" since my mom's specialty is cookies and my specialty is cakes. Since she is the baby of the family, we let her have cheesecake. It is a delicious recipe and so easy to whip together for any occasion.

My favorite cookie my mama makes is a ginger snap cookie. She occasionally will send me a few dozen in the mail and I eat a few and then freeze the rest to have until the next shipment. I un-thawed some of the ginger snap cookies to make the cheesecakes cookie crust instead of the traditionally graham cracker crust. Also, we decided to take advantage of the fresh berry produce and make a blueberry fruit topping to garnish the dessert. Of course, we also had whip cream on the side to add to the sweetness!

My little sister made the crust while I mixed the cheesecake filling in the kitchen aide. We tossed the spring form pan in the oven over a water bath and laid outside to get our bronze on while the confection baked for 45 minutes. We knew the cheesecake was done when it was a nice golden brown and jiggled a little in the middle. Place the cheesecake in the refrigerator to cool (about 2 hours).

We put the blueberry topping on the stove to simmer while we ate dinner so that it was warm and gooey when we were ready to indulge in our cheesecake dessert. It was an amazing finish to a wonderful night and a great visit. Love my little sissy--thanks for the help!


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