Thursday, August 13, 2015

Apricot Jam Ya'll

Our good friends, Brad and Sara, invited Kyle and I over to experience making Jam. Neither Kyle nor I have ever made jams or jellies before but I have always wanted to! We bought 10 pounds of Apricots (pronounced with a hard 'A' if you have Southern roots like me) and decided to take our chances in an Apricot Jam.

We tried two different recipes, one with liquid pectin and one with powdered pectin. Honestly, they taste the same but the powdered pectin recipe yielded the best results for us. Or at least, the prettiest! 

Our expert jammers had all of the tools that you need to can. You can purchase your own set of tools pretty much anywhere mason jars are sold but here is a link to some at Target. We used pint jars and the recipe yielded around 40. Next time I make a jam, I am going to use quart size jars since it is so good--giving away a pint just seems mean!

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