Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fresh Towels

So the other day my husband and I were talking about how our towels smell. Since I'm currently being lazy I decided to buy all new towels for upstairs bathroom for my own personal use. Because I deserve that. We made a Target run and bought all new Fieldcrest luxury extra long bath towels. I got them washed right away so we could begin using them and they are literally the best things ever! We decided that when we're millionaires one day will only use fresh new towels. It's that amazing.

Our old towels are not by any means not good they just had a stench. I should've looked this up before but the fix is simple. Your towels lose their absorbency and begin to take on that musty smell that only happens when they're wet. The solution is to wash the towels on the hot cycle once with one cup vinegar NO DETERGENT and then wash them on another hot cycle with half a cup of baking soda again NO DETERGENT. Throw them in the dryer without a dryer sheet and viola! clean fresh towels once again.

So now my guests will have plenty of towels in the bathroom downstairs to use while they're visiting us in the new baby.  Although I didn't buy that new towels they will have some nice once again fresh smelling towels to use.

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