Tuesday, October 13, 2015

California Wedding

My older brother, Luke, got married in California at the beginning of October to his lovely and crafty bride, Trinity. Trinity really pays attention to details. Her invitations and decorations were gorgeous and she even purchased scented soaps and lotions to put in the ladies bathrooms for us so we didn't have to use the "normal" stuff. It was very thoughtful. Our whole family flew down to San Diego to help them celebrate. And by whole family, I mean seven adults and two infants flying together, dragging luggage and car seats through the air ports. It was wild but at the same time, one of the funnest family activities I have ever experienced!

First plane ride-Wade earned his wings

We got to stay in a beautiful beach house our first night there, it was warm since there wasn't any air conditioning, but it was still a lot of fun and a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. We picked up a few dozen of my favorite Sprinkles Cupcakes (La Jolla location) and chowed down on In&Out burgers.
Wade almost ruined my Sprinkles moment, but he shaped up for a photo-op


Aunt Sam, Sivage, Wade and I enjoyed the hammock outside on the patio

Cousin pictures at the Beach House

Wore the Boba to the beach

At the Pacific Ocean as a group

Feeling the Pacific Ocean out

The next day we packed up and moved into the Sheraton across from Legoland in Carlsbad. Such a gorgeous resort! The guys took advantage of any free time and sweated it out in the steam room in the Spa and the girls lounged by the pool. That night we had Rehearsal Dinner at the Melting Pot in downtown San Diego. It was a fun new experience together "fondue-ing" even if it took over an hour and a half to get there!
Cheese Fondue

Chocolate Ying-Yang Fondue

The wedding the next morning was great and they couldn't have asked for a better day. It was perfect out, sunny and a slight breeze. It was a beautiful ceremony and all the babies did great! Luke and Trinity served us donuts and appetizers and we had a great dinner together and finished the afternoon off with a delicious slice of gluten free carrot cake.

Pictures in the sun not the best idea for my fair skinned boys

Donuts and Cream Puffs for tide-me-over before dinner

Wade and Aunt Trinity

Cutting the Gluten-Free Carot Cake

BaPa and NaNa with their two Grandsons, Sivage and Wade

 We had a great time together as a family and I am glad we got to celebrate Luke and Trinity's day in beautiful California.
Wade was ready to be home

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