Thursday, May 1, 2014


If you haven't checked out the ToneItUp ladies it's about time to pay attention! They post daily fitness tips and goals to keep fit and have fun with life. Right now they started the Bikini Series, where the main goal is to get bikini ready for the first day of summer on June 21st. Check out some of their other posts on

I am going to accomplish their #100bySUMMER plan! 100 miles of cardio by June 21st. It isn't just running miles. Biking, dancing, swimming and any intense cardio counts! As a general rule 10 minutes of intense cardio counts as 1 mile. Biking 1 mile=1/3mile. Other rules can be found here

If you want to follow along with me! To meet the goal, you need to get about 1.7 miles in daily. Totally doable! And don't forget to spice it up with some toning and ab exercises. 

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