Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Only in Vegas

If you don't live under a rock, you have probably heard that Britney Spears is headlining at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. What this means is I HAD to GO! I am a huge Britney fan and I couldn't imagine not attending her "Best Hits" concert. I don't even care if she lip syncs. It is the dance beats and sass that I love most.

My future sister-in-law, Samantha, also loves Britney (but honestly, who doesn't?) so we planned a weekend trip. We drug our men to Vegas so that we could dance and the guys could try their luck on the tables in the casinos. Tickets to Las Vegas are very reasonable flying through Allegient Air out of Sioux Falls, SD. We flew in on Friday night and left Sunday afternoon, so let me tell you it was quick and fast. We stayed at Planet Hollywood right on the Vegas strip so that just in case Britney wanted to hang out after her show we wouldn't have any excuse not to!

Once we landed in Vegas, there was no time to waste. Samantha and I danced the night away is several clubs until 4am Vegas time which is 6am Central. So that was very impressive for an engineer and teacher who usually go to bed at respectable times. But it is Vegas! Totally worth the dark circles to experience the club atmosphere.

After we rested well into the afternoon, we got ourselves some caffeine and walked up and down the strip doing the "tourist-y" thing. Saw the fountains at the Bellagio and the show at Ceasar's Palace. Took pictures under the Eiffel Tower replica and spent several hours in the Fashion Show Mall.

On Saturday night, we primped for the Britney concert. We got dressed up really cute and mentally prepared for the best concert of all time. The anticipation and energy at the venue was beyond exciting. Everyone there was a complete fan of the "Queen of Pop". The whole theater was a shrine to the iconic Britney. Outfits from all time favorite music videos were displayed throughout and hits blasted on the sound system.

After the anticipation felt like it could no longer be handled, Britney greeted us with her most recent "Work B*tch" which is a fan favorite. The set included over 20 all time greats from the past to present. I basically knew every word and shouted along when I wasn't in awe. I am pretty sure during all of the dance hits, Britney didn't sing live but she did perform a few ballads like "Perfume" while sets were changing up. Let me tell you, she's got it still! Oh and Lady Gaga also attended the "Piece of Me" show the same night. That was exciting!

I was sad when the encore finished but Samantha and I had so much fun. We bought enough swag to remember the concert by and it was a great bonding experience.

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