Monday, October 27, 2014

Treats For Lil' Sis

My little sister, Katy-Lou, is a sophomore at SDSU in Brookings. School is hard and she uses all of her spare time either dancing or at bible study and has no time to.  I wanted to send her a little college care package that symbolizes the best of fall--PUMPKIN TREATS! Not pumpkin flavor treats as would be expected, but rather rice crispie treats cut out in the shape of a pumpkin with pop rocks sprinkled on top (try it, trust me) and iced pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. She works really hard to keep her cute little petite frame, but who doesn't like a few treats to snack on and share with friends and study buddies?

Don't forget about your siblings or friends still in college that are probably hungry and needs snacks to make it thru the rest of the semester--send some Fall Love <3

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